Explore the World of tequila and Mezcal

Olé is proud to present a wide range of mezcal that complEments our comprehensive variety of traditional tequilas.


Tequila, a smooth liquor primarily from the Mexican region of Jalisco, is one of Mexico's most famous exports. Created from blue agave, tequila is actually a specific variation of mezcal. There are strict laws allowing only a few states in Mexico to produce tequila. Our collection of tequila includes selections from each of these locations. 



Mezcal is often considered the smokey, rogue cousin to tequila. Primarily produced in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, most mezcal distilleries are still family owned and produce less than 3000 liters of product per year. 

While still rare in the United States, mezcal's popularity has boomed in recent years.


The Difference

The difference in flavors between mezcal and tequila originate from both the ingredients and techniques used to produce each liquor.  While tequila is made only from blue agave, mezcal can be made from roughly thirty different types of agave. In addition, while the agave core is usually steamed in during the tequila production process, it is charred when creating mezcal. The result is many varieties of mezcal that share a common thread of smokiness.

Below is a map of where we get our tequilas

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