Just past the corner of Springfield and Cambridge Streets in Inman Square, a bright pink and purple little bundle of festive décor and inspired Mexican cuisine called Ole Mexican Grill sits tucked away and largely hidden to those who don’t already know about it.

As you may or may not have noticed, Ole is going through an exciting time. A time of change: new menus, new dishes, more tequila, more mezcal.

We’ve kept it under wraps, hoping you wouldn’t notice our dust. It’s natural, of course- our first thought was to make all these improvements in secret and unveil them when everything was “ready”. But why hide it? Why shouldn’t you be with us every step of the way as we make these changes?

We want Ole to be your place. We want to know what you want Ole to be. Ole is already so many people’s “old favorite”- their go-to spot for great food and a welcoming environment. I often sit at the bar a couple nights a week, just to get a feel for things. The amount of people who are “regulars”, who see the regular servers not just as familiar faces, but as family, is astonishing. And so one night as I was sitting at the bar, munching on a chicharron taco (I sincerely hope that you’ve tried the magical chiccharon taco) I thought: how could we think we could make these changes to Ole without consulting our family?

So who am I, other than that creepy person sitting on her own at the bar inhaling a chicharron taco? I’m a recent transplant from San Diego. I know and love my Mexican food, but what I’m still learning is the ins and outs of this quirky little (or not so little) community of Cambridge.


I fell in love with Cambridge on a hot summer day last July, a time when Bostonians would stop me in my tracks at my first mention snow: “Please— don’t,” my Uber driver said as we crossed the Charles, “The last of the snow just melted a few weeks ago”. I grew up in sunny Southern California, the land of subdivisions and huge outdoor malls and more stucco than you can shake a stick at. Southern California is beautiful, but I craved character in my surroundings.

The moment I crossed the Charles in that same Uber with a driver who was now no longer speaking to me after my mention of the very recently past winter, I knew I was in my new home. Here, suddenly, was a place that not only looked completely different from where I came from, but also had a personality all its own. I was hooked, and took the job that led to me working with Ole.

But just because I love Cambridge doesn’t mean that I can call myself an expert in the subject. So I need your help.

What do you love about Ole? About Inman Square? About Cambridge? And how do you envision Ole fitting into that? Get back to me in the comments, or on facebook or twitter.

Yours in chicharron,