Olé strives to support local farms and food providers whenever possible. We’re not 100% there yet, but we’re on our way. 

What do you think of when you hear “farm-to-table”? Farmers markets? Locally sourced meat? Expensive? All of these things can be true. But there are a lot of sides to the farm-to-table movement, and some of them might surprise you:

1.    It’s not just about organics and health. It’s an economic movement.

Check out this article from Entrepreneur Magazine. Even though the farm-to-table movement is focused on regional food providers, the movement itself is “big business almost everywhere”. In major cities, the farm-to-table movement can, in revenue, can compete with a business that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars per year. And don’t forget- there is usually a middleman between the farmer and restaurant. These distributors, even when focusing on smaller, local farms, are doing very well. Staying local doesn’t mean staying small.

2.    It’s playing a part in saving a way of life

Farming small and farming the right way are important for a multitude of reasons, but as our friends at Northeast Family Farms (who provide us with some killer hangar steak on a regular basis- let’s not forget that this “farm-to-table” thing is also delicious) put it, distributers who focus on smaller family farms “enable current and future generations to stay on the farm.” These people are passionate about their line of work, and the farm-to-table movement helps give them a thriving market to sell their product in.

3.    It remembers what business is really all about: human relationships

The farm-to-table movement is human to the core. Even the distributors make a commitment to build a network of food providers and customers who are committed to the movement and committed to building a solid and lasting infrastructure for the “farm-to-table” way of doing business. Because when it comes down to it, a way of doing business that recognizes and always remembers that we’re all in this together is better for everyone involved.

For more information about Northeast Family Farms, visit their website.