This just in: the chupacabra taco has landed at Ole.

This delightful little package of surprisingly savory, succulent, subtly spicy chupacabra meat topped with onions and cilantro for both garnish and flavor will take your taste buds on a journey through Mexico and leave you howling for more.

Stop in at Ole today to try this limited offering, and read on to get the inside scoop on how Ole got the chance to serve you this rare delicacy.

You may or may not have heard the legend of “El Chupacabra”. 

Being from Southern California and not far from the Mexican border, I’d certainly heard the word thrown around as a joke. When I brought it up at Ole not long ago, I got a round of giggles from the servers, who explained: “That’s a really offensive word in some cultures. It’s still a legend, but the word is pretty offensive…”

Offensive or not, the chupacabra is supposedly a dog-like creature that can be explained as a vampire for goats and other livestock. The legend allegedly began in Puerto Rico, but has since spread to Mexico and even into the United State. For a full rundown on the legend of the chupacabra, you can visit the Animal Planet website: (In my book, you don’t get a more credible source than Animal Planet. Dogs 101? Too Cute? River Monsters? Best cable channel ever).

Now, even I was skeptical of the existence of this so called farmyard vampire dog/hairless wolf/creature when I first started hearing the stories. But then, as I was posted up in the Ole kitchen last night, trying to pick up some behind-the-scenes secrets for all of you lovely readers out there, Chef Erwin Ramos walked in with an unidentified slab of meat:

Me: “Erwin….what is that?”
Erwin: “Meat. Taco meat.”
Me: “Obviously. What kind of meat?”
Erwin: “Chupacabra.”
Me: “Uhhh…….” (clearly questioning Erwin’s sanity at this point but playing along for now) “Where did it come from?”
Erwin: “The freezer. Downstairs” (Now I was REALLY confused, because I’ve never seen Ole freeze meat)
Me: “No, Erwin, where did it come from? Originally?”
Erwin: “Oh! A farm. Outside of Oaxaca. I shot it myself. With a bow and arrow”

Now, this devolved into a lengthy heated discussion between the two of us that chupacabras are not real and that I know I’m just the inside scoop writer and all but no Erwin, you should not and cannot serve that in a taco.

But he was insistent. “You have no idea what you’re missing,” he said. “We’re doing this.”

And let me tell you, dear reader: you have no idea what you’re missing. The meat (which I have finally accepted is, in fact, chupacabra) is tender, just slightly gamey, and can be described as somewhere in the triangle of steak, buffalo, and lamb. Served with cilantro and onions, with an optional side of poblano dipping sauce (Erwin insisted on keeping this separate. “The flavor is just too good on its own to put a sauce on it,” he said.), this taco is simply to die for.

Make sure you come in soon to try it. It goes without saying that quantities are limited- there’s no way we’re giving up Erwin long enough for him to go hunt down another Chupacabra.

But make sure you come in today to try the taco, so you can be fooled just as much as I was!

Happy April Fool's!